Solar Info:

Solar in IL!!

Sunrun has partnered with Ambit starting Tues Sep 4th!  We can now sign up solar customers through our JoinAmbit website just like we do with Elec and Gas customers.  Here are some important points.


The Sunrun IL rep is Shawn Odneal.  708-427-1509.  If you have questions, contact him.  His email is  


1.  Prospect must own the home (name on the title)

2.  Roof cannot be clay or wood.

3.  Roof cannot be a condo or business.  Single dwelling only.

4.  Homeowner must have a credit score of 650 or higher.  If not, cash or means of financing are adequate.

5.  Electric bill must be an average of $60 or more per month (depending on area)

6.  Prospect must be in a territory that Sunrun serves.


Refer to the document "Three Ways to Earn" in PowerZone under "Tools".  Look at the quick overview for Consultant payout at the bottom.


MAKE SURE that before you send a potential customer to Sunrun, sign them up on your joinambit customer webiste to generate the "A" number.  Without this "A" number YOU will NOT get credit for the referral.  This should be done automatically, but there are system glitches so make sure the CUSTOMER and SUNRUN know this number.


ALWAYS ask the potential customer to look at the business.  IF that customer were to join as a CONSULTANT FIRST, they would get the $500 for the consultant and $250 as their own customer.  That makes way more sense right?  Remember, ALWAYS lead with the business.

There are many questions to be answered.  Plug into the local meetings.  Contact Shawn.  And EC Renee Diedrick is a great resource.  Feel free to reach out to her as well.  But it's best to ask her at the meeting in Grayslake on Thursdays.  And for sure bring guests too!